My Pet Projects

Web Scraping to find and identify websites

I enjoy tinkering around with weird things. This one is particularly fun. I created a webscraper and gave it one website address. It then started by scraping the contents from the landing page on that site and identifying all the links. When a link to another website was found, it was added to the list to be scraped next.

The Results So Far
Total Websites Found: 207,674
Total Web Pages Found: 3,041,632

Next up I started analyzing the contents of the web pages to identify if the website is a family friendly website, or contains content probably not suitable for children:

Family Friendly Websites: 42,004
'Unsafe' Websites: 21,107

Analyzing the Bitcoin Price and Predicting the price fluctuation

This one is tricy. Getting the Bitcoin Price from Luno through a Rates API was one thing. Getting the AI to predict the price in 4 hours from now, is a whole different ball game. Perhaps if I knew more about Machine Learning it would be easier. At the moment I am just guessing and analyzing and making adjustments as things go along. But the important thing is - I am enjoying myself :)